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SLP: Add Reminders and Important Events


Michigan Virtual will post important dates and reminders that will display in the Upcoming Events widget on student and guardian dashboards. The Student Learning Portal can be used to add additional dates and reminders that will be displayed for both to view. This process describes how to add or remove those additional events.


  1. First, select the “See more events” link displayed within the Upcoming Events widget.
    The student dashboard page is displayed and is zoomed in on the top three widgets, Academic Snapshot, Completed Courses and Upcoming Events. An arrow is pointing to the “see more events” link in the Upcoming Events widget.
  2. At this point, a monthly calendar will be displayed.
    • To create a new event or reminder:
      1. Begin by tapping the “Add new event” link at the top left of the page.
      2. Next, select the type of event using the Category drop-down field.
      3. Then choose a date from the When calendar drop-down.
      4. Next, insert a title or subject in the Name field to be displayed.
      5. Then insert the details of the event in the Description area.
      6. Next, include a URL if appropriate by inserting it into the Link field.
      7. At this point, select the Save button.
        The School Calendar page shows the month of April 2018. An arrow points to the Add new event link and to the save button in the pop-up dialog box described above.
    • To delete an existing event or reminder:
      1. Start by tapping the Delete this event drop-down field.
      2. Next, select the event or reminder you created and then tap the Delete button.
        Note: You can only delete events that you have created. You will not have the option to delete system generated events.

Additional Information:

Events created by a guardian will be visible to the student and vice-versa.

Deadlines will be identified on the Upcoming Events widget as a red flag. Informational events will appear as an “i” within a yellow circle. Events or reminders will appear as a pinned piece of paper. Each event will have linked text to the right of the icon.

Last updated on April 14, 2020

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