MOCC: Search Local District Catalog


This process describes how to search Michigan’s Online Course Catalog for courses available to students from their local district.


  1. First, tap the Local District Catalog icon.
  2. Then populate the required drop-down fields: Subject Area, District Name, School Year, Time of Year and School Level.
    Note: It is recommended that you additionally insert a name in the Course Title field.
  3. Next, apply the filters by selecting the Search button.
    Screen capture of the District Catalog Basic Search page with an arrow pointing to the Search button below the drop-down filters.
  4. Expand (press the + sign next to) the appropriate Subject Area (Teal).
  5. Then tap the linked course name as it appears in the “Course Title” column or the course row to view syllabus information.
    Screen capture of the catalogs search results grid. An arrow points to the link within the Local Title column.
  6. Finally, select the tabs on the left to view additional information about the course.
    Screen capture of the Course Syllabi View pop-up dialog box with an arrow pointing to the How to Enroll menu option.

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