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Blackboard: Submit Voice Recording


Recommended software for voice recording is GarageBand for MAC and Audacity for PC. This process describes how to use each to attach WAV or MP3 files to assignments in Blackboard.


  1. First, determine which software to use to record your voice.
  2. Next, ensure there is a built in microphone on the student computer or a working microphone/headset that can be used.
  3. Then open the recording software, and record using either:
  4. At this point, export files to an MP3 or WAV file. Files saved as GarageBand or Audacity files cannot be opened by the instructor.
  5. Next, save files with the students first name, last name and assignment number in the file. For example: John_Doe_14.mp3. This makes it easier for teachers to grade.
  6. Finally, attach files to the correct assignment.
    1. Within the Assignments tab, click on the appropriate assignment.
    2. Click the Browse button.
    3. Locate the file on your computer and highlight the file.
    4. Click Open to attach the file.
    5. Click the Submit button.

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