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Brightspace: Quiz Submissions/Scores


Students have the ability to view quiz submission attempts and scores within their Brightspace course. The process below outlines how to locate those attempts.


  1. First, tap My Progress within the navbar (top of page).
    The course is shown with an arrow pointing to the My Progress tab in the navigation bar at the top.
  2. Next, select Quizzes from the left navigation menu.
    Image of left navigation menu, arrow points to Quizzes option.
  3. The Quizzes section will be displayed, tap the expand icon next to Graded Attempts to display all quiz attempts and details.
    The quizzes section is shown with an arrow pointing to the expand option within the Graded attempts.
  4. At this point, tap the linked attempt for the appropriate assignment.
    The Quiz attempts are shown in list format with the Attempt linked. An arrow points to this link.
  5. Finally, use the scroll bar on the right side of the page to view quiz responses.
    Quiz submission example is shown. The submission details are shown and the questions and responses are also displayed. An arrow points to the scroll bar on the right for the user to view additional questions submitted.

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