All users have the ability reset their Professional Learning Portal password. This article describes how to request a new password to access the system again.


  1. First, go to the Professional Learning Portal welcome page.
  2. Then tap the “Forgot your Login and/or Password?” link.
  3. As a result, a new page will be shown prompting for your user name or email address. Insert your information into the appropriate field and then tap the Submit button.
    An enlarged image of the Professional Learning Portal Forgot Password page email box appears showing a user name and email field. An example email has been inserted into the email field and an arrow points to the Submit button below the two fields.
  4. At this point, an automated email will be sent to you and it will contain your new password.
  5. Finally, return to the Professional Learning Portal and insert your email address and password and then tap the Login button.
    Note: The system will not prompt you to change your password after you have logged in, however it is recommended. To change your password follow the instructions outlined in the Update Profile or Change Password article.

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