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PLP: Active Course Notifications


Control how you receive notifications about activity in your Professional Learning Portal (PLP) courses. You can receive a periodic summary of activity, or receive instant notifications as things happen by following the steps outlined below.

Note: This excludes ed2go and PCG courses.


  1. First, launch a course from your PLP Dashboard.
  2. Next, click your name from the top right corner and select Notifications.The username drop-down menu is shown with the available selections shown (profile, my portfolio, notifications, progress and log out). Arrows point to the username area and to the Notifications option.
  3. Then review and/or update any of the following as needed:
    1. Contact Methods
      1. Email is already setup by default, so please skip this area.
      2. If you wish to receive mobile updates, click on Register your mobile.
    2. Summary of Activity
      1. This digest of notifications act as a news blurb or summary of each of your courses.
      2. By default, you will receive daily notifications at 12:00 AM. This time can be updated to any time of the day you wish. If you do not wish to receive daily notifications, toggle the How often? question field to “Never”.
    3. Instant Notifications
      1. From this area, you can select what you want to receive notifications for – for both email and SMS by checking the corresponding box.
      2. By default, instant notifications are not enabled. If you do not select anything, you will not receive instant notifications.
  4. Finally, tap the Save button to apply all changes.

The notifications page is shown with the contents mentioned above. Arrows point to the Register your mobile link, the How Often drop-down field, the SMS and Email selection boxes and finally to the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

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