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Parent/Guardian Purchased EdReady Program


This article can answer many questions you  might have if you purchased EdReady for your directly through the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal (SLP).  If you cannot find answers to your questions here, please contact Michigan Virtual Customer Care Center.

Quick Links: Create Your EdReady Account | Logging Into EdReady | Diagnostic Tests | Navigating Your Study Path


Create Your EdReady Account

  1. First, visit michiganvirtual.edready.org.
  2. Next, tap the Get Started button.
  3. Then fill out the “Sign up for EdReady” form. It is important that you double-check the email address to ensure it is valid and set a strong password.
  4. Next, tap the Sign Up for EdReady button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Check your email and find the EdReady Account Confirmation email that was sent to you.
  6. Tap the link in the body of the email to confirm your registration and return to the EdReady Login page.
    If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Michigan Virtual Customer Care.

Logging Into EdReady

  1. Insert your email address and chosen password and then tap the Login to EdReady button.
  2. A dialog box will appear showing a field to enter a goal key. Enter your goal key(s) and tap “get started.”
  3. You will be brought to your EdReady Dashboard when you can access each of your goal keys to complete diagnostic tests and access your study paths.

Diagnostic Tests

  1. Access the diagnostic tests by tapping Go to Goal below the appropriate goal.
  2. A dialog box will appear, instructing students to complete a diagnostic tests to gain an understanding of their knowledge surrounding the skills covered by that particular goal key.
  3. Tap Start Test Now to begin.
    • Note: If you have already completed your diagnostic tests for a particular goal, these steps will allow you to go straight to your study path.
    • Note: The diagnostic tests are not timed and you can leave at any time by clicking the “save and close” link.  When you return to EdReady, you will be taken to the last question you accessed. To more accurately create the student’s individualized study path, we recommend tapping the Skip button if you are unsure of an answer.
  4. Once your diagnostic test is complete, tap View Results to see the customized study path.
  1. From the Dashboard, access the study path by tapping Go to Goal.
  2. Students scores are displayed in the purple circle at the top of the page. Review the page and note that each topic has a color coded mastery status icon.
    • Untested or material not covered by the diagnostic appear clear.
    • A topic highlighted in red indicates that the student is not ready and materials still need to be mastered for that skill or topic.
    • If a topic displays as yellow, it suggests that the student has some knowledge of the material, but has not yet mastered all concepts.
    • The topics will the teal border indicate the student is doing very well and mastered all of the concepts they were tested on, but he or she has not been tested on all topics yet.
    • Topics that are highlighted in teal indicate the items have been mastered and the student has shown an understanding of all the included concepts.
  3. Next, tap View Study Plan to begin studying the materials in each unit. The student’s target score is now displayed to the right of their current score.
  4. Tap Learn to review and study resources.
    • It is recommended that students review and study all materials in each topic that is available to them.
    • When students feel confident in the course material, they should tap the TEST button to take a quick assessment of their knowledge. If the test reveals mastery level, the topic will be removed from the student’s study path and shown on the right side of the page.

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