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Navigating the Essentials Gradebook


The Essentials Gradebook can be viewed by accessing the “My Grades” link from your course. The following information can be noted when accessing viewing the information.


  • First, scores for tests are reported as percentages.
  • Next, scores for assignments are reported as points earned.
  • Also, if a student passes diagnostic tests, the assignments attached to those diagnostic tests will be manually exempted in the gradebook.
  • Additionally, this is only currently visible in the Blackboard gradebook. In the SLP, the exempted assignments currently show up as zeroes, though the overall point totals and percentages are accurate.
  • Next, for a snapshot of how a student is doing to date, view the Progress Check columns.
  • Finally, the “Overall Score” column in the gradebook is the best indicator of a student’s overall progress in the course when compared against the total points possible.

Last updated on August 17, 2020

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