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MOCC: Using the HTML Editor


This process describes how districts and vendors will use the HTML editor in Michigan’s Online Course Catalog to modify the text displayed in a course syllabus.


  1. First, click the “Open Editor” link to the right of any text box where applicable.
  2. Next, the editor will open by default to the Design tab where you can make edits to the text.
    Note: If you prefer to use HTML, please select that tab.
  3. Next, on the Design tab, type the text to be displayed in this field then highlight the appropriate text and make adjustments using the editing buttons.
  4. Then tap the Preview tab to see how your text will be displayed.
  5. Finally, tap the Submit button when you are finished making edits.
    Screen capture of the Editor pop-up dialog box.

Last updated on February 25, 2020

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