Micro-credentials: Create Badgr Account


After successfully completing a micro-credential learning experience on Michigan Virtual’s Professional Learning Portal, a digital badge will be awarded to you via Badgr. Badgr is a platform developed and maintained by Concentric Sky to manage digital badges, and allowing you to collect and share your earned badges. The steps below will guide you through the process of creating a Badgr account.


  1. First, go to the Badgr Account Creation page.
  2. Next, choose to either:
    • connect through a social media network account, or
      Badgr account creation page showing the social media options available.
    • provide your email address, first and last name and set a unique password.
      Badgr account creation page showing the email sign in option.
      Note: Ensure you have access to your chosen email account as you will need to verify your account creation.
  3. Then agree to the Terms of Service to create your account and to receive email updates about products & services by checking both boxes.
  4. Next, confirm your data by selecting Create Account.
    Badgr account creation page the checkboxes referenced above. An arrow points to the Create Account button.
  5. As a result, you will receive a message encouraging you to check your email account.

    Verify email address message from Badgr.

  6. Next confirm the email address by performing the following steps:
    1. First, go to the specified email account and locate a message from [email protected] with the subject line “Confirm your Badgr Account.”
    2. Then tap the Confirm Now button within the email.
      Badgr confirmation screen with arrow pointing to the Confirm Now button.
  7. At this point, the Badgr.io site will open and you are greeted with a Welcome message.
  8. Next, tap Get Started to move your Badgr Backpack. This is where all badges you have earned are collected.
    Badgr welcome page displaying available features. An arrow points to the Get Started button.
    Note: Digital badges are awarded to email addresses and can only be added to your Badgr Backpack providing that the email address is one of the verified email addresses on your Badgr account. Please refer to the Check Your Verified Email Address process to learn how you can add and verify additional email addresses. 

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