Micro-credentials: Check Verified Email Addresses


After the successful completion of a micro-credential learning experience a digital badge is automatically awarded to the learner via the credential platform Badgr. To ensure that badges you have earned through learning experiences on Michigan Virtual’s Professional Learning Portal are automatically added to your Badgr account, please follow the steps below to check that the email address that your badge was awarded to is verified on your Badgr account.

When awarding a badge, an email address is given to identify the recipient. For you to be able to claim your badge, this email address must be one of the verified email addresses on your Badgr account.


  1. First, review which email address that is, you can either:
    • review the receiver information in any of the emails you have recently received from Michigan Virtual, like the email informing you about the badge you have been awarded, or
    • review the information in your Professional Learning Portal (PLP) account.
  2. Next, learn which email addresses are verified on your Badgr account, please follow the steps below:
    1. Begin by logging into your badgr.io account.
    2. Next, go to Account and select Profile. You will see a listing of your verified email addresses and linked social media accounts.
      • If the email address the badge was awarded to is missing, follow the steps below:
        1. First, tap Add to provide the missing email address. Feel free to add several alternative email addresses you use regularly.
        2. Next, you will have to verify every email address you add by selecting the Confirm Now button in the email that has been sent to that account. Once you have confirmed the email address the badge was awarded to, the badge will automatically appear in your Badgr Backpack.
        3. Finally, you can select which of the email addresses should be the primary one, that Badgr should be using to communicate with you.
          Note: It is recommended to keep email addresses you are no longer using listed on your Badgr account, but ensure that the email address selected as primary is active.

The Badgr account profile page is displayed showing two verified email addresses. An arrow points to the Add button as described above. Linked social media acounts are also shown with the option to link to others.

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