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Getting Started


Students beginning the Essentials courses will follow the instructions below will help students get started in their Essentials courses.


  1. First, begin by accessing your course.
  2. Then click the Announcements option from the left navigation menu.
    Note: Announcements contain important information for students such as dates, instructor availability, and tips and tricks for working in the Essentials courses.  This information is updated by the instructor at least once a week, but students should check for new announcements every time a course is opened.
  3. Next click the Instructor Info option from the left navigation menu to learn more about the instructor’s background and alternative contact methods.
  4. Then select the Start Here option from the left navigation menu. The Start Here page contains a “Mixed-media Check” section that will display a thumbs-up image indicating that the test passed. If the image is not present, have your mentor contact your school’s IT department.
    Screen capture of the Mixed Media Check assignment item with an arrow pointing to an empty square box. Above the box reads, "Do you see a larger image of this in the box below?"
  5. Next select the Unit 0: Student Orientation link from the left navigation menu.
    Blackboard navigation menu shows and arrow pointing to the Unit 0 Student Orientation option per the above instructions.
  6. Then a list of course lessons and assignments will appear. In order, click the activity title to open and complete before moving on to the next.
    Screen capture of the Student Orientation page with arrows pointing to the lesson (unit 0) and orientation assignment (0.1 introduction).
  7. After completing Unit 0, students may proceed to the first module available in the course.

Last updated on August 17, 2020

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