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Blackboard: Familiarize Yourself with Course Content


Student’s should become familiar with their course in Blackboard before starting course work. This process describes how to navigate through the various areas of the course using the left navigation menu which is divided into a few sections. Please note that navigation will vary by course and are not all structured as indicated below.


Section 1: Course Name

  1. First, student’s can view the course name in the first section.
  2. Next, tap the down arrow to the left of the course name to collapse the menu.
  3. Then select the right arrow to expand the course menu.
  4. Finally, tap the house icon to return to the course home page.

Section 2: Begin

  1. First, tap the Start Here or Welcome option in this menu to obtain a brief overview of the course.
  2. As a result, student’s can view any work that needs to be completed before starting the course, instructions on how to get started and additional information.

Section 3: Resources

  1. Begin by selecting Announcements to view important messages from the course Instructor.
  2. Then press Course Info to view welcome letters, syllabus and/or pacing guides.
  3. Next, tap Instructor Info to view the various methods for contacting the course instructor. Instructors will list their email, phone and office hours.
  4. Then select Michigan Virtual Policies to review important guidelines that students must be aware of.
  5. Next, press the Getting Help option to help students understand who to contact and when.
  6. Finally, tap any remaining items in this section which can vary by course.
    • E-Text will be present in some courses. This option allows student’s to navigation to their e-text and in some cases the username and passwords needed to access.

Section 4: Course Work

  1. At this point, student’s will see a list of lessons, units, chapters or weeks.
  2. Next, click the top list item to view the activities to be completed for this lesson/chapter/unit.
  3. Once all activities have been completed, student’s will tap the next lesson/chapter/unit in the left navigation menu.

Section 5: Additional Items

  1. First, tap Discussions or Discussion Board to discuss course related topics with other Students in your course.
  2. Next, select My Grades to view a list of activities and the grade earned. This is a good way to identify assignments student’s are missing.
  3. Once a student completes a course, he or she will need to tap the End of Course Survey option to provide important feedback on this course.

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