MOCC: Enroll in an Online Course


This process describes how to access the enroll instructions for the various types of courses listed within Michigan’s Online Course Catalog.


  1. First, access Michigan’s Online Course Catalog.
  2. Then click on the Statewide Catalog or Local District Catalog icon.
  3. Next, apply the selected filters by selecting the Submit button.
  4. Next locate the appropriate class name in the Course Title column.
  5. Then click the “Register Link” to be taken directly to the “How to Enroll” tab of the Course Syllabi View.
    Image showing the catalog subject area of Engineering and Technology and the subject CAD Design and Software expanded revealing courses offered. The grid shows basic course information and an arrow pointing to the linked text within the "Register" column.
  6. After reviewing the course syllabus, click the “Start Registration Request” button in the How to Enroll tab to be taken to the registration request form.
    Screen capture of the Course Syllabi View window showing the How to Enroll tab selected with an arrow pointing to the Start Registration Request button. At the top of the page the enrollment website, email, phone and help resources is displayed.
  7. Next, review the information at the top of the page to ensure you have selected the appropriate course.
    Note: If the course is not wanted, click the “Change” link to be returned to the search page. If you have previously submitted a registration request, you can use your Registration ID from a previous request to auto-populate some fields within the form.Image to showing the Registration Request Form page. An arrow points to the Course Information section which outlines details of the course and to the Change link that was referenced in the instructions above.
  8. Then populate the fields within the form and click Submit when finished.
    Image of the bottom section of the registration form with an arrow pointing to the Submit button.
  9. As a result, the Enrollment Request Submitted window will appear providing the registration ID for this request which can be used for future requests. A confirmation email will also be delivered to the email address provided in the form.
  10. Finally, tap the Close button to exit the window.
    Screen capture shows the Enrollment Request Submitted window containing the registration ID.

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