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PLP: Pre-K Essential Early Literacy Courses


Michigan Virtual has recently enrolled multiple learners in Pre-K Essential Early Literacy courses within the Professional Learning Portal. Learners were sent an email containing information about the course and a link to the Professional Learning Portal. This document describes how to access the dashboard and course content.


  1. First, select the link to access the Professional Learning Portal.
  2. Next, access the dashboard by following the Login instructions.
  3. As a result, one or more Pre-K Essential Early Literacy courses will appear in the Active Courses module.
  4. At this point, tap the appropriate linked course name to open the content in a new window.
    The Professional Learning Portal’s Dashboard page is shown which contains 3 modules. The Active Courses module shows two linked early literacy courses. An arrow points to the linked course.
  5. Next, tap the Enter Course button to begin.
    The Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy: Foundations and Pre-K Essential 1 course content is shown as it appears in the new window mentioned above. The course intro is shown as well as a button to enter the course.
  6. Then begin the course by selecting Module Introduction within the left navigation menu and tapping the first linked topic name.
    The Module Introduction page is shown with the left menu displayed. An arrow points to the Module Introduction option and to the linked topics.
  7. Continue to the next topic by tapping the next button at the top or bottom of the page.
    The Course Navigation and Help page is displayed showing information on how to browse the course and how to obtain help. An arrow points to the next button at the bottom of the page.
  8. When navigating the course, links contain a descriptive text to explain the type of link being selected. Links can be either a “Web Page”, “Assignment”, “Content Object”, “PDF Document” or “Word Document”. Links that display “Content Object”, will open in a new window.
    An enlarged image of the content is displaying links as described above. An arrow points to the first link that displays "content object" below the linked text.
    Note: A message may appear, select Review Content to simply examine work completed, or select Retake Content to repeat the attempt at completing the course. If pop-up blockers are enabled, this window may not open. Pop-ups must be allowed to access content.
    This image shows the message that appears in a new window once the content object is selected. It reads, "It looks like you have previously viewed this content. If you choose to review, no grades will be altered. If you choose to retake your previous grade may change to the newest one." Below the text are two buttons to select, Review Content and Retake Content.
    Note: If you are returning another message may appear that states “Would you like to resume where you left off?” Tap the Yes or No button as appropriate. When you are completed with viewing the materials the only way to return to the course content is to close the window.
    The Early Literacy new window is displayed showing the end of the pre-k essential 1 classroom video. An arrow points to the x within the tab to exit.
  9. Once the course has been finished, learners can view or print the Completion Certificate.

Additional Information:

Learners who are registered for more than one course can toggle between courses using the waffle icon at the top of the page.
The course banner is shown displaying the waffle button mentioned above. The screen is captured to show two courses shown when selected. An arrow is pointing to the waffle button and to the second enrolled course name.

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