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Blackboard: Discussion Board


Instructors use discussion boards to encourage students to interact with classmates and to share ideas. This process describes how to access and use this board within the Blackboard Learning Management System.


  1. First, access your course.
  2. Next, tap “Discussion Board” from the left navigation menu.
    Note: This option may be customized by your mentor, in general, look for “Discussions” or “Discussion Board”.
    Screen capture of a course menu with an arrow pointing to the Discussions option.
  3. Then take the appropriate action(s):

Search for a Topic

  1. First, press the Search button at the top of the page to display the search filters.
  2. Next, type related keywords in the Search bar and then press the Go button.
    Note: Narrow results further by using the After and Before date pickers.
    Screen capture of the Discussion Board page with arrows pointing to the Search and Go buttons.

Reply to a Post

  1. First, select the hyperlinked number in the “Unread Posts” column in the appropriate row.
    Screen capture of topic thread details page with an arrow pointing to the Unread Posts column.
  2. Next, tap the Reply link.
    Screen capture of the Discussion Topic details page with an arrow pointing to the Reply button.
  3. Then populate the Message field with your reply.
  4. Finally, press the Submit button.
    Note: If you are unable to submit, please contact the Customer Care Center.
    Screen Capture of Discussion Details page after the Reply button has been selected. An arrow points to the text box and to the Submit button.

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