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Blackboard: Course Syllabus


A syllabus provides vital information about the course which includes:

  • The content standards to which the course is aligned;
  • The link to the course standard’s alignment document;
  • Any course prerequisites;
  • The course description;
  • Course outcomes/objectives;
  • A course outline;
  • Additional costs;
  • Scoring System; and
  • Technology Requirements

This process describes how to access and review the two most important items within the syllabus for Essentials courses.


  1. First, login to Blackboard and then select the Essentials course from your My Classes module.
  2. Next, tap the Course Info option in the left navigation menu.
    An arrow points to the Course Info option on the left navigation menu of the Blackboard Credit Recovery course. The Syllabus, Student Welcome Letter and Mentor Welcome letter appear as items on the right side of the page.
  3. Finally, review Course Outline and Additional Costs.
    A course description page is shown in a new window explaining all the information about this course.

    • The course outline lists the units in the course that the student will need to complete.
    • All modules listed must be completed. The lessons within those modules that students must complete are based on the results of the student’s diagnostic tests, and all courses contain some required assignments that must be completed regardless of a student’s diagnostic test performance.
    • The additional costs area of the syllabus will list any additional resources the  student needs to complete the course that are not provided in Blackboard.  For example, this could include a novel in an ELA course or a calculator in a math course.

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