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MOCC: Course Review – District


All course syllabi offered in the statewide catalog must be reviewed according the Guidelines & Model Review Process published by Michigan Virtual. This process describes how to add course syllabi review information to Michigan’s Online Course Catalog.


  1. First, tap the Course Management tab and then select the link within the “Review Completed” column for the syllabus.
    Note: Course offerings will only appear to public users searching the Local District and Statewide catalogs where the course review contains all 52 ratings. Once the ratings have been applied, the Review Completed column on the Search Course page will change from “No” to “Yes”.
    Screen capture of the Search Course page with an arrow pointing to linked text "No" within the Review Completed column in the results grid.
  2. Next, use the drop-down fields in the table to apply a rating to a standard. Then insert text within the Comments box for any clarifying text.
    Note: The “Apply Rating to All” drop down menu can be used to fill all of the drop-downs below with the same rating.
    Screen capture of the Update Course page with the Content tab selected. Arrows point to the Apply Rating to All drop-down, individual standard Rating drop-down and to the Continue button.
  3. Then complete the fields and select the Continue button to proceed through the sub tabs.
  4. Next, select the appropriate option within the Review From, Review Conducted By, and Date Of Review drop-down menus. If your review was conducted by an organization that is not in the drop-down menu, please contact the Customer Care Center.
  5. Then tap the Submit button.
    Screen capture of the Update Course page with the Review Info tab selected. An arrow points to the Submit button.
  6. Finally, press the OK button on the “Course syllabi saved successfully” dialog box.

Additional Information:

An alternative option to completing a course review following steps 3-7 above is to use the Excel template provided to upload your review information.

  1. First, click the “Download the template” link.
  2. Next, complete the template by entering the course ratings and comments on the Review Sheet tab of the Excel file.
    Note: Do not modify any information within the Upload tab of the Excel file.
    Screen capture of the Update Course page with an arrow pointing to the "Download the template" link. The Excel template is also displayed.
  3. Then save the Excel file with the completed review information.
  4. Next,click the Upload Course Review button within the course review screens.
  5. Then select on the Choose File button then locate and select the saved Excel file.
  6. Finally complete the Review From, Review Conducted By, and Date Of Review drop-down menus click Submit.
    Screen capture of the Upload Course Review dialog box with an arrow pointing to the Submit button.

Last updated on February 25, 2020

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