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PLP: Check Course Completion Status


Once a learner has completed a course within the Professional Learning Portal the course may not immediately display in the Completed Courses module within the Dashboard. The list below describes why.

  • Blended and Online Facilitated course grades are released by the instructor who may choose to release grades only when all learners have finished the course.
  • PCG course grades are not released for a minimum of 24 hours after the course is complete.
  • Other self-paced courses may post grades immediately depending on how the course was designed.

If applicable to your course, State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) credits will be uploaded to the Michigan Online Educator Certification system (MOECS) within 10 business days from the completion date.

This process describes how learners can view the course completion status.


  1. First, access the Professional Learning Portal.
  2. Next, login typing your username and password in the appropriate fields then select the Login button.
  3. The Dashboard will then appear and the course will be displayed in the Active Courses or Completed Courses modules.
    Screen capture of the dashboard displaying active and completed courses within their respective modules.
  4. Columns explained:
    • Active Courses Module
      1. Course: The linked course name appearing in this column will open the course in a new window.
      2. Start: The date that appears in this column is the date the learner enrolled in the course.
      3. Grade: The grade will appear as 0% until the course is marked complete.
      4. Assignments: The number of assignments completed verses the number of assignments to complete will be available in this column.
      5. Pacing: The status is based on the enrollment date and how many assignments have been completed to determine if the learner is Ahead, On Pace, or Behind.
    • Completed Courses Module
      1. Course: The course name will appear in this column.
      2. FinalGrade: The final grade will appear in this column.
      3. CompletionDate: The date the course was marked complete by the instructor or facilitator.
      4. Certificate: The linked text “View Certificate” will appear in this column. If clicked the learners course certificate will open for view, download or print purposes.

Additional Information:

  1. I have completed my course, why isn’t it appearing in the Completed Courses module?
    (Example: The course appears in the Active Courses module and grade is 0%, but assignments display as 10 of 10)

    1. Instructor led course grades are released at the instructors discretion. An instructor may choose to release the final grade when the learner completes the course or wait until all learners have completed the course.
    2. PCG course grades will appear in the Completed Courses module after 24 hours has passed.
  2. I have completed my course but I do not see my SCECH credits in MOECS, why?
    (Example: The course appears in the Completed Courses module, the grade is 98% and assignments display as 10 of 10)

    1. Please allow 10 business days from the date that appears in the “CompletionDate” column of the Completed Courses module for the SCECH credits to appear in the MOECS system.

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