The Professional Learning Portal contains a course catalog with search capabilities to aid learners in discovering a wide variety of courses to best suit professional needs. Courses can be completed to obtain State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) credits or to meet an affiliations professional development requirements and are offered with a variation of delivery methods to accommodate different learning styles. Follow the instructions below to search the catalog for courses.


  1. First, access the Professional Learning Portal.
  2. Next, use the Search filed to display available courses based individual learner needs. This field should be populated with the course name if known or you may choose to enter keywords describing the course. Results will display automatically as the filters are populated.
  3. Then tap Advanced Filters to display additional search criteria to narrow course results.
    Screen capture of the Search and Advanced Search fields within the Professional Learning Portal. An arrow points to the Advanced Filter link.

    • Credit Type: This field has two available options to choose from:
      • SCECH can be selected to display State approved courses used for renewal of certificates/licenses issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).
      • NON-SCECH can be chosen to display traditional and non-traditional professional development or compliance courses.
    • Credit Range: This field can be used in conjunction with using the “SCECH” option for the Credit Type field only. Ranges can be used if the learner has a specific amount of credits remaining.
      Note: If this range is entered with the “NON-SCHECH” option selected, no results will be returned in your results.
    • Delivery Method: This field can be used to select the method in which the course is delivered.
      1. Blended: This course is delivered through both in person and online.
      2. Face to Face: This course is delivered completely face to face onsite with a facilitator.
      3. Online Facilitated: This course will be guided by a facilitator. It may or may not have a set schedule or a specific start or end date.
      4. Self-Paced: This course is open enrollment, open exit, with no set schedule and no facilitator.
  4. The course details displayed will show course price (if applicable), credit hours (if applicable), description, keyword and start date. Proceed by clicking the Full Description button to view the course syllabus and additional course information. When you have completed reviewing the details, click the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up window.
    Screen capture of the Professional Learning Portal with an arrow pointing to the Full Description button within a course. Another arrow points to the X in Full Description dialog box.
  5. Finally, continue to Register and Login.

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