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Buzz: Activities


The Activities page displays a list of folders which contain a number of pretests, assignments, quizzes and reviews that will need to be completed for this course. This article shows how to access and complete these activities.


  1. First, expand the left menu (three horizontal bars in top left corner) and choose the name of your course and then Activities from the available options.
  2. Next you will notice that there are two tabs to select.
    1. Activities (selected by default) is separated into three areas, the first displays the last visited activity and the next module to review. The next area is the search field which allows you to enter key words to search for a particular assignment. The last area is the list of activities that will need to be completed in order.
    2. To-do List is a list of activities that are currently due if applicable.
  3. At this point, select the activity to review and/or complete. Check marks represent the activities visited; this does not indicate that the activity has been completed.
    Note: It is highly recommended that students take the pretest for each module. Students who score 60% or higher on each objective in the pretest will test out of the module eliminating the requirement to complete it.

The Activities page is displayed to show the information mentioned above.

Last updated on July 15, 2020

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