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Clearinghouse: Browse by Topic Keywords


Keyword searches can be used to quickly view topics of interest. This process describes how to search on one or more keywords using the Research Clearinghouse.


  1. First, select an option from the Keyword drop-down field.
    The landing page of the Research Clearinghouse shows a list of fields to search. An arrow is pointing to the expanded Keyword drop-down list, which highlights accessibility.
  2. Next, utilize the next two keyword drop-down fields to populate additional keywords to include or exclude in your search.
  3. Then to the right of those two fields specify AND to include an additional keyword, OR to choose between keywords, or NOT to exclude a keyword.
    Image of the keyword fields which are mentioned in the above instructions. An arrow points to the two additional keyword drop-downs.
  4. Next, tap the Search button at the bottom of the page to submit your query.
  5. Finally, continue to sorting the results or downloading citations.

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