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Brightspace: Student Quizzes Progress


The Quizzes Progress page can be used to view quiz submission details such as grade, attempts and timestamps for the submission.


  1. First, follow the View Progress Summary process. This will allow you to see the applicable menu option described below.
  2. Then tap Quizzes from the left menu.
  3. Now, notice at the top of the page the Quizzes Completed Percentages (points earned/points possible) and the number of attempts still awaiting a grade.
  4. At this point, expand Details to view the attempt(s) for this quiz as well as the timestamp of when the attempt was submitted.
    Quizzes Progress page showing quiz names and scores. Arrows point to the Quizzes option on the left menu and to the Details drop-down.

Last updated on July 15, 2020

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