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Brightspace: Grades


View the grades on assignments and tests using the Grades page. You can see your individual grades as well as the formula used to evaluate you. Depending on how your grades are setup, you may be able to view feedback from your instructor and/or overall class performance statistics.


  1. First, select Grades from the Navbar.
  2. Now, review the Current Grade Percentage. This grade is the grade you would receive if you finished the course today. This is not the grade you have for only the assignments you have completed.
  3. Next, view the “Grade Item” column which contains the activities by unit.
    Note: Grades are not posted immediately. If you choose, you can sign up to receive immediate text or email notifications when a grade item is released or updated.
  4. Then view feedback for quizzes, assignments and/or discussions by looking in the “Comments and Assessments” column.
  5. Finally, if you choose, you can view the rubric used to grade your activity. Simply tap the “View Graded Rubric” link located in the “Comments and Assessments” column.

Last updated on August 17, 2020

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