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Brightspace: Getting Started


Beginning fall 2020, Michigan Virtual will be transitioning it’s current Learning Management System (LMS) from Blackboard to Brightspace. All courses will still be accessed through the Student Learning Portal (SLP), but the look of the Brightspace courses will be different. Use the information below to learn how to get started within your Brightspace course.


  1. First, follow the SLP: Access My Course process to launch your course.
  2. Next, select Start Here from the right side navigation menu to display the Start Here page for your course.
  3. Now tap the Get Started button at the top of the page. Here you will find a welcome letter from your instructor, pacing guides, Unit 0: Student Orientation, and an introduction to the discussion boards. These are activities.
  4. As you navigate to each activity, a check mark will be placed next to the left menu options to help you identify where you have been.
  5. When you have finished reviewing and completing all activities, tap the End of Unit button to return to the course and familiarize yourself with the course by following the Brightspace Navigation article.

Last updated on March 27, 2020

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