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Blackboard: BrainPOP Account Notice


This process describes what to do when a student user sees the following notice when accessing BrainPOP content from their Blackboard course.

“BrainPOP Account Notice. We’re Sorry – the BrainPOP account you’re trying to access seems to have reached its simultaneous user limit already. Most likely, this is because other computers are still logged in to the account, but idle. This can happen if you close the browser, log off the computer, or otherwise leave the BrainPOP site without clicking the ‘Log Out’ button located above the BrainPOP movies. You may continue your log-in, but doing so means that the oldest inactive session of the computers currently logged in (in most cases one of the sessions that was not properly logged out) will automatically be logged out. You may also upgrade your subscription and increase the number of simultaneous users allowed.”
Screen capture of the Brain Pop Account Notice dialog box.


  1. First, click the Continue Log-In button.
    Note: This will terminate the oldest session.
  2. From this point forward, student’s will proceed to access BrainPOP content.

Last updated on August 12, 2020

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