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PLP: Bloodborne Pathogens Course Enrollment


Learners can enroll in a Bloodborne Pathogens course for the purpose of completing professional development requirements. This document describes how to locate and access this course within the Professional Learning Portal (PLP).


  1. First, access the Professional Learning Portal, type “Bloodborne” in the Search bar and then strike the Enter key on your keyboard.
  2. Next, review the basic information and credit hours as it pertains to the course and select the Full Description button if additional information is needed.
  3. Then click the Add button next to the desired course.
  4. Once the course has been selected, click the Continue button within the Cart summary to continue with registration requirements.
    Screen capture of the Professional Learning Portal catalog showing the Bloodborne Pathogens course with arrows pointing to the Add and Full Description buttons. Another arrow points to the Continue button within the cart module.
  5. Next, complete the appropriate Learner Registration form and then click the Continue or Save button to proceed.
    Screen capture of the new and existing learner registration forms with arrows pointing to the Save and Continue buttons.
  6. Then complete your transaction by reviewing the order details then select the Confirm button.
    Screen capture of the Course Confirmation page with an arrow pointing to the Confirm button.
  7. As a result, a confirmation page will appear, click the Log In button to proceed to the Dashboard.
    Screen capture of the successful course registration page showing the Log In button.
  8. The course will be displayed in the “Active Courses” module within your personal Dashboard. Click the linked course title to access your course.
    Screen capture of the Active Courses module with an arrow pointing to the linked text within the Course column.
  9. Finally, the course will open.
    Screen capture of the Bloodborne course showing the course naviation to the left and to the right the Table of Conents and course access path.

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