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Blackboard: Using VoiceThread for ASL Courses


VoiceThread is an online audio and visual tool used in many American Sign Language (ASL) courses. Students have their own accounts and identities and as a result can actively participate in the online ASL signing activities. This process describes how to access the VoiceThread tutorial and quiz.


  1. First, access the ASL course.
  2. Then tap Unit 0 – Student Orientation from the left menu.
  3. Next, select the Understanding our Course folder link.
    The Unit 0 Student Orientation course page is shown displaying the Student Orientation, Understanding our Course, and Let’s get started with Unit 1 links. An arrow is pointing from the left navigation menu to the Understanding our Course folder link.
  4. Now tap the Let’s Learn VoiceThread link.
    The Understanding our Course is shown with two links, one to the Let’s Learn Voice Thread lesson and the other is the Voice Thread Review Quiz.
  5. At this point, the “How To Use VoiceThread” lesson will open in a new window.
  6. Then use the “Next Page” link at the bottom of the page after you have reviewed the material.
  7. At the end of the lesson, close the window and return the ASL course in Blackboard.
  8. Next, tap VoiceThread Review Quiz from the Understanding our Course page.
  9. Then tap the Begin button to start the assessment.
  10. Finally, complete questions and tap the Save and Submit button.

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