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Which Learning Management System am I using?


Michigan Virtual offers courses within a few different Learning Management Systems (LMS). The most common is Blackboard and the newest is Brightspace. Students may utilize this article to determine which LMS platform they are using for their course.


Use the table below to quickly determine which LMS you are using for your course and then select linked support articles that will best support you.

DisplayBlackboard home page shows left navigation menu with announcements page default. Username appears in top right side of page. Sub menu includes My Bb @ Michigan Virtual, Student Learning Portal and Courses. The Brightspace LMS top menu navigation as described below.
AttributesContains “My Bb @ Michigan Virtual” link in top mini bar.Contains courses (waffle) icon in minibar.
Support ArticlesBlackboardBrightspace

DisplayMiddlebury landing page shows announcements and up next sections.Buzz platform landing page shows credit recovery course as a tile in the body as well as the top navigation menus.The EdReady landing page displays the Michigan Virtual logo in the top left corner of the page and shows an arrow pointing tot he Get Started button in the middle of the page.
AttributesContains course name and will have a blue background.Contains “Student App” text in top left corner by menu icon.Contains Michigan Virtual and EdReady logos.
Support ArticlesMiddleburyBuzzEdReady

Last updated on July 15, 2020

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