Blackboard: Technical Requirements for Aventa World Language Courses


Aventa World Language courses require Flash to be enabled within the Chrome browser. The steps below outline how to enable this setting.


  1. First, open your Chrome browser.
  2. Next, click the ellipse and select Settings in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  3. Then scroll to the bottom and select Advanced.
  4. Next, click Content Settings under the “Privacy and Security” section.
  5. Then ensure that the “Ask first” is toggled to the OFF position.
  6. Next, click ADD next to the Allow section, type “[*.]” in the Site field and then click Add.
  7. Again, click ADD next to the Allow section, type “[*.]” in the Site field and then click Add.
  8. Finally, return to the page with the Flash content. If it does not load automatically, click the Reload button at the top of the page.

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