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Blackboard: Assignments


This process describes how to find and complete assignments within your Blackboard course.


  1. First, access the course.
  2. Next, select Lessons in the left navigation menu.
    Note: This can be customized by your teacher, in general the field name will be “Unit”, “Homework” or “Assignments” or “Assignments”.
  3. At this point, tap the linked assignment(s).
  4. Finally, complete your assignment
    1. First, click the Write Submission button to type your response to this assignment. A text box will appear as a result.
      Note: Click the Show More arrows to display additional editing options.
    2. Next, click Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection to insert a file from your computer or the BB course.
    3. Then use the Comments section to include any additional information related to this assignment that you would like to include for your instructor.
    4. At this point, click the Submit button to complete the assignment, or you may click Save as Draft to return to this assignment and complete at a later time.
      Screen capture of the assignment submission page with arrows pointing to the Write Submission, Show More/Less and Submit buttons.

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