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MOCC: Approve or Deny Registration Requests


District catalog managers can handle incoming registration requests submitted by students in their district by reviewing information and either approving or denying the requests. This document describes how to mange those requests.


  1. First, select the Enrollment Management tab from the top of the screen.
    Note: By default all requests fall under the “Pending Registration” status when submitted and then displayed first.
  2. Next, view all registration requests by status by selecting an option from the Status drop-down list.
  3. Then approve or deny a pending request by clicking the linked text in the Details column.
    Screen capture of the Manage Primary Enrollments page displaying the Year and Status filters and the results grid below the Search button. Arrows point to the Status field and to the view text that appears in the Details column of the grid.
  4. Next, review the details submitted in the form, then complete the process of either approval or denial of the registration request.

Approve the Request

  1. First, scroll to enable the radio button in the “Is Selected” column to choose the desired term.
  2. Next, enter the required Mentor Name for the enrollment.
  3. Then select the Payment Method from the options available.
  4. Next, populate the required fields indicated with an asterisk.
  5. When finished, click the Approve button which will change the status to “Pending Enrollment”.
    Screen capture of the bottom portion of the registration form showing the term grid and the remaining required fields of the form. Arrows point to the raido button in the Is Selected column and to the Approve button at the bottom of the form.
  6. Finally, the catalog manager from the providing district will then need to approve the enrollment. At this time you will receive a confirmation email and a system confirmation message. The feedback message will also include the language from the providing district on how to submit payment based on the payment method selected.

Deny the Request

  1. First, select the Deny button at the bottom of the form.
  2. Next, select the radio button next to the proper explanation in the Select Reason for Denial window.
  3. Finally, click the Submit button which will change the status to “Registration Denied”.
    Screen capture of the Select Reason for Denial window containing a list of options available to select to provide the explanation for denying the request. An arrow points to the Submit button.

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