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Blackboard: Observer Dashboard


Students who appear in the in the Observer Gateway module on the Blackboard homepage have been assigned to mentors to observe. This process explains how to access their courses within Blackboard.

Please note the accessing the course will not grant privileges to change anything and it also will not count as a login for the student.


  1. First, go to the Blackboard LMS from the Student Learning Portal by tapping Go to LMS and then selecting Blackboard.
    The Go to LMS page is shown with a table containing 3 columsn, Go to LMS, Name and LMS Type. Arrows are pointing to the Go to LMS option in the navigation menu and to the icon in the Go to LMS column.
  2. Next, locate the Observer Gateway module and then select the linked word, “Observe” next to the student you would like to view.
  3. As a result, the student’s course(s) will appear in the My Classes module above.
  4. Then tap the linked course name to view the course. The Blackboard dashbord displays various widgets, amungst those is My Classes and Observer Gateway. Arrows are pointing to these widgets.
  5. At this point, users can navigate through the course to view student activity.

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