MOCC: Create a District User Account


District users can create additional accounts for users in their district who will be managing course offerings in Michigan’s Online Course Catalog. This process describes how to create the user account.


  1. First, follow the MOCC: Search for Existing Users process to confirm the user does not already have an account. If he or she does not, continue by following the remaining steps.
  2. Then tap the User Management tab at the top of the page.
  3. Next, press the Add New User button just below the search fields.
    Screen capture of the Search User page with an arrow pointing to the Add New User button just below the search fields.
  4. Then select the appropriate User Type from the drop-down on the new page.
  5. After making the selection, the appropriate form will appear. Required fields will be marked by an asterisk (*), fill out the form and finally click the Submit button.
    Screen capture of the Creating a New User form with arrows pointing to the User Type drop-down and to the Submit button.

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